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That’s an awesome list of great actors, and I know that a lot of people
are wondering why other guys didn’t make the group? Easy answer,
they haven’t been as good as the ones in it. Remember that only
because the film is a success that doesn’t mean is because of the ac-
tors in it, especially when you have zombies or if is a summer block-
Robert Downey Jr.
(4/4/1965). The highest paid
actor at the moment and he’s considered one
of the most talented person of all Hollywood,
and most controversial and bad boy attitude that
everyone loves, especially women. He’s Eng-
land’s best inspector and a playboy superhero in
America. Best of both worlds.
Halle Berry
(8/14/1966). An Oscar win-
ner for Monster’s Ball and at 47 years old
looks tastier than apple pie. Actual model
for cosmetic mogul Revlon, and a former
James Bond girl in Die Another Day with
Pierce Brosna. She’s coming back this
year as Storm, a mutant that can control
the weather, in X-Men: Days of Future
Matthew McConaughey
(11/4/1969). He was born
in Uvalde, Texas as Mat-
tew David McConaughey,
his filmography is a vast
one. He started as a
chainsaw killer, then a
lawyer, after that a reality
show host, and last year
a cowboy with AIDS, of
course, I’m talking about
his roles. The last one
earned him a Golden
Globe Award for Best
Actor in a Drama for his
outstanding performance
in the biographical film
Dallas Buyers Club; in
which he went through
an unbelievable physical
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