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hrough the years, makeup has always been something that Daniela
has had a passion for. From a young age, she would spend hours on end
playing with whatever cosmetics she could get a hold of. By the end of the
day, she would have a variety of colors on her face, arms and even legs but
yet was as happy as can be! It was one of the only few things that would
keep her the most entertained as a child. As she got older, her dolls became
her best friends and they were constantly getting glamified by Daniela’s lit-
tle hands on a daily basis.
She would always be so proud to display her artistry to whoever would
show interest.
As a young adult, Daniela loved experimenting with different colors and
applying makeup on someone whenever she had the chance to. After much
thought, she decided to attend Brio Academy where she enrolled in the
Advanced Makeup Artistry program and loved it every step of the way. She
knew then that this was her purpose in life and what made her the happiest.
She began to develop an even deeper love for the beauty industry.
Daniela’s dedication and hard work is what has gotten her in the place
where she is in now. She enjoys enhancing the natural beauty of every cli-
ent and is appreciative of the success she has had thus far.
Daniela’s motto is you only live once so do what makes you happy and it
will show in your work!
Beauty by Daniela thanks you for taking the time to view this website
and we look forward to making your special day one that you can treasure
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!
Daniela Baldor
Make-Up Artist