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ave you stopped
peering in the mirror because the crow’s
feet you used to have to search for are
now firmly there to stay?
Maybe you suck in your sagging tummy
every time you pass a shop window in a
vain attempt to convince yourself that you
can still appear to have the toned body of
your 20’s.
And as for sex ... have you convinced
yourself that it’s all downhill from now
Well, now you can stop worrying and
instead start looking forward - to the best
sex you’ve ever had. Because, according
to new research carried out on 26,000 over
40s in 29 countries, lovemaking really
does get better and better with age.
In the study, 88 per cent of UK men and
women questioned said their relationship
was very or extremely physically pleasur-
able. 94 per cent agreed they were emo-
tionally very satisfied by their partner.
Best kept secret
Sex therapist and relationship counsellor
Julia Cole agrees strongly that a great sex
life is one of the best kept secrets among
older couples.
‘When we’re younger, all we tend to think
about is intercourse, with orgasm as the
goal,’ she says. ‘But as we get older, we
find we enjoy the sensations along the
way just as much: the view on the journey,
if you like, not just the arrival.
‘Older people also tend to be in their
relationships for longer, which creates
an intensity between them which greatly
improves the sex.’
Other goodies about older sex include:
Fewer hangups
‘Particularly after having children togeth-
er, couples gain what I call ‘body wis-
dom,’ says Julia. ‘It’s a greater acceptance
of how you look, and an understanding
that there’s so much more to us than our
‘In our 20s we are so concerned with our
body image and comparing ourselves
to our friends, which is exhausting and
makes us miserable. When we get older,
we are more into what pleases us and our