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hildren grow and become independent.
It is evident that as our role in life evolves, so do
we. As women, we learn to adapt as we fit ourselves
neatly into each stage of life. However, it is only
natural to want to hold on to that sexy, confident,
young woman you were just a few, short years ago.
And you can!
Reinvent yourself (like you are already so good at
doing) into the new sexy over 40. There are cer-
tain attributes about ourselves that never have to
change. The fundamentals may change, but the
sexy, confident results stay the same. Now that you
are over 40, learn how to maintain your sexy look
using the following fashion tips:
If sagging, wrinkles, sun spot and freckles have
started taking their toll on your decollete, here are
some alternatives to still look sexy without show-
ing excessive cleavage. If you feel like buttoning
up lately when you look in the mirror try using the
following tips:
Drape Those Necklaces
This is a chic way to draw attention to your cleavage
without baring all. A pretty sheer print or solid scarf
works wonders too.
You can look sexy without showing anything except
your sexy shoulders. Also, one shoulder dresses
always looks sexy.
Layer your look
A peek of a lace camisole or tank (especially in a
nude or skin tone color)under a low cut shirt or
jacket suggest cleavage without actually showing
How to Turn Heads Over 40
For women over 40, the attention-grabbing style
rules that applied in years past have changed. The
obvious styling that signaled sexy, such as short,
tight, low-cut and a heavy use of animal prints, may
have worked then. But, now can end up creating the
look that accompanies the stereotype of a cougar.
For a woman to truly be a sexy, memorable head-