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MARCH 2014 -
turner over 40, new style rules apply and can make
you look and feel irresistible during the sexiest
years of your life!
Here are the top 3 tips for looking your sexy best
over 40:
1. Dress for Your Shape
Not your Size. This is a time
to be edu-
cated about your body and
learn the
style strategies to dress for
shape. Take time to learn
about your shape and the style
strategies to dress for your body.
By dressing for your shape, not your
size, you will instantly appear slim-
mer, taller and feel sexier. This is a
style secret of celebrities!
2. Less Really is More …Sexy!
Show your shape, not your skin.
This is a time in life when less
truly is more. A woman over
40 can appear sexier by
skimming the curves of her
body, not hiding in an
oversized garment
or showing
much in
something too tight
or too low. This style strategy
will show your body confidence
and that is always sexy!
3. Undergarments Matter
Now More than Ever
Gravity is at work and a good
fitting bra counters the effects
by keeping your breasts in an
uplifted position. This gives you
a more youthful appearance
and improves posture. The
silhouette of your overall
appearance is enhanced
and creates a sexy
appearance. Spanx
or shapewear go a
long way towards
a smooth appear-
ance for an extra boost of body confidence.
Dress for Who You Are, Not Who You Wish
You Were
For women over 40, the trick to feeling fresh and
alluring is dressing to feel sexy for themselves, not
other people. Women over 40 often question their
sexual relevancy and too often make the mistake
of trying to dress like their 20 year-old selves (or
daughters), hoping to recapture the feeling of being
attractive and alluring.
You still have many head-turning days ahead of you
if you learn to dress for the body you have, not the
one you used to have, or wish you still had. It’s
about emphasizing your strengths and knowing
how to hide your weaknesses by understand-
ing the importance of well fitting, sup-
portive and of course, pretty
foundation garments.
Choosing the right under-
garments will not only
make you feel sexy,
but help you look
ter in your
Understanding the im-
portance of fabric choice
and good tailoring when
it comes to your ward-
robe will have you look-
ing taller and thinner in an
instant. And by all means,
learn how to spotlight the
parts of your body that stay
juicy longer. Show off your
legs by choosing flattering shoe
styles over current shoe trends.
Confidence and your attitude about
your unique sex appeal is just as
key to your sexy appearance as the
colors that flatter your skin.