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ating in midlife can have some unique chal-
lenges for women. Plainly said: it can suck. As a Dating
and Relationship Coach for women over 40, and a gal who
became a first-time bride at age 47, I can vouch for
the seemingly suckiness of it.
But here’s what I now know: after 40 can
be the very BEST time to be looking for
companionship and love. My personal
experience, as well as that of the many
women I coach, has convinced me that
the direction this takes… depends solely
on YOU. Here’s my checklist for success:
1. Know and love thyself. Take a thorough
and honest look at yourself – inside and
out. Articulate how fabulous you are and
what makes you a good partner.
Reacquaint yourself with
the grownup you; I bet
you’re going to like
2. Let
grownup girl do the picking. Don’t look for
the same guy you wanted when you
were 25. He won’t make
you happy