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he organization, Hispanic

State Parade of New Jersey, founded

in 1976, is a non-profit organiza-

tion which coordinates the Hispanic

State Parade, the pageants, “Señorita

Hispanidad de New Jersey” and “Miss

Chiquitita Hispanidad de New Jersey”,

and for the first time in 2014, the His-

panoamerican Festival.

The organization assists Hispanic

events throughout the year in the state

of New Jersey. The Hispanic State of

New Jersey organization works hard

on these events to honor outstanding

people, preserve the culture and sup-

port the Hispanic community.

Every year the parade is dedicated

to a particular cause, and each year

a donation is given to a foundation,

or organization that is promoting, or

helping that cause. In the past, dona-

tions have been given to St. Jude’s

Children’s Hospital, American Cancer

Society for Breast Cancer, Wounded

Warrior Project, Elizabeth Coalition for

the Homeless, amongst others. The

organization has also founded “Casa

de la Hispanidad” in which any organi-

zation that is part of the parade is able

to use their offices for meetings.

The pageant “Señorita Hispanidad de

New Jersey” is a way for young wom-

en to preserve their Hispanic heritage

and culture requiring the participants

to explore their customs, prepare a

traditional costume, and a discourse

about their costume and its origin.

Hispanic State Parade of New Jersey