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Francisco Granata


Francisco Granata

Francisco Granata is 24 years old; he is a model, an actor and a professional soccer player. He studied marketing and lives in Mendoza Argentina, were he was born.
He started his modeling career in 2006 with Gabriel Canci Difusion. Before that, he had participated in catwalks, but not in a professional level as he does it now.
He is a permanent model of two yearly catwalks held in Mendoza and works as a photography male model. He has the opportunity to play for the first time in the theater in the play called "Sueños de Conventillo"("Tenement's dreams"), also by the hand of Gabriel Canci. The play was a total success in Mendoza.
In 2012 was the face of the shoe campaign with to male models and a female model.
Francisco always tries to make some time off in order to play his favorite sport, soccer.
One of his goals is to make advertising campaigns in the United States, that has been his idea from the beginning and to be the face and body of recognized brands such as Polo, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana among others.

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