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mood with lost of scarlet, eco-friendly

with plenty of nature or anything else

that appeal to you.

This is a wonderful little way to high-

light an old antique that is precious, a

collectible that you are proud of or even

just something that you would love to

showcase. Surround a central piece that

you feel is important with wall art and

that will enhance the beauty of the room

and the importance of the centerpiece.

For instance, if you have a basketball

signed by Jordan that you would like to

showcase, a few basketball snaps around

it might be cool. You get the idea… you

can improvise on that.

With most modern homes taking differ-

ent shapes and patterns, it is essential to

figure out what suits best for the look of

your home. Most often, one can hang

pictures on the wall behind the couch,

but you can change that and can also put

it in long corridors. The pattern can vary

from arranging in clusters, in a row or

simple in an ascending and descending

pattern. Sometimes the best thing can be

a single large frame. It can vary with the

dimensions of the room.

One of the most essential things when it

comes to decorating with framed pho-

tographs or art work is the lighting. The

perfect lighting can really bring the best

out of what you have and can increase

the beauty of the room immensely. Make

sure the lighting is tranquil and does not

create a glare in the pictures. Keep them

away from sunlight and keep them clean

to make sure the best out of them.

As silly as it might sound, pick the right

hooks for your photograph as they need

to support it for a long, long time. Use

the right spacing and style without try-

ing to fit too much in too little. Remem-

ber that more is not always necessarily

better. If you have glass walls around

your home, then hanging a few photo-

graphs on them can really accentuate the

beauty and they also act as the perfect

dividers for rooms. Sometimes it is the

simple things that make a big difference.

Decorating with photographs is a

beautiful way of giving your home a

very personal and sensitive look. It says

that YOU live there and that you care

for the place. They not only make for

personalized accessories, but often give

you memories that you cherish for a