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Minnie Bad



Minnie BAD has been modeling for four years.
She absolutely enjoys what she does although it wasn’t her first love.
Over time she built a passion for being in the modeling/entertainment industry because she developed understanding of the art of it itself. Her #1 inspiration was super model/business women Tyra Banks.
Minnie has always been a true Fashionista just being herself.
She has been involved in many different things over the years.
Minnie party modeled for the first time at Katra Lounge in NYC; from there she has done event hosting, and guest list door service at events.
Overall she has done a lot with her time as far as breast cancer campaign shoots, print magazines, radio interviews, music videos, web features, and etc. in a few years she hopes to see herself on a bill board and doing a lot of work giving back to the community.
Also she hopes her music career will take off pretty soon. She has been doing music many years and just this year 2013 she has been taking action pursuing her music dream.
For bookings you can reach her at and you can follow her Instagram & twitter @minniebad

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