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Meet Bonita Boogie; New Yorks only & original Booming, Banging, Boogie of Burlesque.  It is hard to believe that Bonita's generous jiggle has only been gracing stages for a mear 9 months.  What Bonita brings to burlesque is a natural confidence and a new style of neo-burlesque that focuses on generas of music not usually showcased in burlesque.  Bonita Boogie's story is one of discovery, transformation & success we are certain to see grow right before our eyes.

Lil Bonita grew up in small town NJ and was born to a wonderful & outgoing West Indian family.  Suburbia gave Bonita access to a number of great things but it certainly lacked the mixture of culture and history she craved.  So in attempt to fill the cultural void Bonita hightailed it to London England where she studied communication and sexual phycology at Richmond International University.  Bonita attributes her time in Europe to her sene of adventure.  When asked if she was scared to live so far from her family at such a young age Bonita said this, "Being scared of someone or something is usually a waste of time... unless you are certain it might kill you."

Bonita's sexual awareness took a turn six years after graduating college and like so many women around the world, Bonita Boogie found herself feeling stuck and undesirable.  Struggling to find self-esteem and purpose Bonita got a kick in the pants while sitting on the couch  watching A Wink & a Smile, a documentary that follows four women as they find confidence via burlesque.  That day Bonita registered at The New York School of Burlesque for their introduction to Burlesque class. Five classes, two certificates and four months later Bonita had her debut performance at The Slipper Room.

Not long after that first performance Bonita decided to make the full transformation and left her career in sales for a life of Burly-Q.  Bonita is now the CEO & founder of Booming, Banging, Boogie Events ( an Exotic, Entertainment, Events & Experiences Specialist that like Bonita focus's on neo-burlesque and great music.  BBBEvents is hosting its debut public event, Utterly Urban Burlesque, July 31st @ RBar, and invites everyone to come out.  The Utterly Urban Burlesque show is a monthly series that highlights the very best of Urban music.  Each month UUB showcases a particular genre of urban music, July will feature Hip-Hop & the Burly-Q Hotties that love it.  

So Bonita Boogie in a nutshell is sweet, smart, sinful & sexy.  She has the smile of a starlet and the mind of a mogle.  New York's original Booming, Banging, Boogie of Burlesque, Bonita Boogie is humble and thankful to all dancers who came before her.  But also optimistic and inviting of change within burlesque with the hope of keeping the art around for many more years and generations to come.  

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