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Johanna Ramos was born in Armenia Quindio, Colom- bia. Since she was a little girl, she showed modeling skills. At age of eight, she entered an academy of catwalk and modeling.

During three years participated in several runway shows and photography. She was elected as the model of the year for her High School. She finished her High School in her hometown in the San Solano High School in 1999.

In 2000, she took classes in pre-medical and Syringes.

In 2002, she traveled to the United States to seek new op- portunities.

Later she earned her degree of Massage Therapy at New York College. Since then, she is serving many patients with her practice.

She believes in eating healthy and exercising. Johanna practices Hatha, Yoga and Reiki. She loves music and modeling and her hobbies are reading and meditating.

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