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John A. Arias was born in Bogota Colombia, He came to this country because his dad is an Olympic athlete, and that gave them the opportunity to move to the United States. His dad went to two Olympic Games representing Colombia. He went to Seoul Korea in 1988 and to Atlanta in 1996. He was a Pan American Champion; he raced the Tour de France, the Tour of Spain and Tour of Italy. He was the greater rider of his era. He tries to follow in his footsteps although in this country is a little more difficult because you’re always working and studying, but he gives all in him for this sport. He competes in cycling, triathlon, and the occasionally in track. His objective is to compete as much as he can. He represents an organization called Racing for a Dream.

Racing for A Dream is something he always dreamed of.  They are a team of athletes who help new talents who do not have sufficient resources for competitions. In addition, they compete in athletic events to help foundations that help fight diseases. For now, Racing for a Dream is a small organization but we are gradually growing and getting more members.

In all his time in this country, he had never seen to be a Latino as an obstacle. He has always seen as a plus. He is a positive and enterprising person.

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