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Jordis is her stage name. she acquired the name as a tribute to her favorite singer: Jordis Unga.

She is a 31 year-old single mother of three beautiful children, ages 7, 10 and 15. She separated from her husband six years ago and has spent the time since focusing on her health and her children. Everything she does is for her family. They mean the world to her.

She has always wanted to be a model. Ever since she saw the Barbizon ads in the magazines as a child, she has been entranced by the modeling world. She has done two other photo shoots before she worked with Lucy Lencinas, but she has never actively pursued modeling. However, she is at the stage in her life where it feels like she needs to follow her heart and try it out; it is now or never. Being published is a dream come true for her!

Following her heart has never led her astray. Her other great childhood dream was to become a teacher. She followed that passion and took it to college with her. She had obtained two Associate degrees, one with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. She worked as an Early Childhood Educator for six years. She absolutely loved that job. Unfortunately, her physical health took a turn for the worse in 2010 and she had to abandon that position due to lingering pain in her shoulder that she had acquired from a car accident. She had to undergo laparoscopic surgery a few years later to repair her shoulder injury. She never returned to the Early Childhood field, but young children are still one of her greatest passions.

After the accident, Jordis had to find new outlets so that she might be able to follow her other passions: portrait sketching, photography, editing photos, designing original images and singing. She is a very artistic person and she is good at whatever she pours her heart and soul into. She had designed logos, posters, flyers, pamphlets, business cards and web banners for a few different individuals and businesses, for free. She wants to expand her hobbies into a business in the future - but for now, it is just for fun.

She donated some of her time and skills, when she can, to a non-profit organization, created in her younger brother’s name. Her little brother passed away in 2012, at 19 years old. The foundation’s missions include providing assistance to youth in need in an attempt save other precious young lives. The foundation has recently been founded and it is beginning to come together nicely.

She is currently attending college, again, full-time at an online University. Her goal is to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology. Her long-term plan is to become a Professional Web Designer. She is slightly more than half-way there. As long as she can continue to fund her education, her anticipated graduation date will be at the end of 2015. She cannot wait to start this new chapter of her life!

After her accident and the tragic death of my teenage brother, she has learned to appreciate the joys in life. Suffering has taught her that you cannot take anything for granted. She tries to make the most out of every moment. She wants her children to see that I endured. She wants them to be proud of her and, most importantly, she wants them to know that if you are true to yourself, you can make your dreams happen.

Special thanks go to Lucy and Daniel Lencinas for making her feel comfortable during the photo shoot session. They are an amazing team and she envies their successful relationship: both professional and personal.

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