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Daniel Walter Lencinas


Lucy Lencinas

Photographer and Art Director

Tiffani Capers

Model Manager

Pedro Martinez


Juan Cucaz


Caitlin Ross-Poteet

Model - Writer

Adriel Zarate

- Multimedia Designer -


Dr. Christiam Suarez

Plastic Surgeon

Julio Frometa

Film Criticism


(631) 356-0117

(631) 355-6772


Sexy Glam is a Lucy Lencina’s Trade Mark

Daniel W. Lencinas





ew Year’s Eve brings us back together around the pages of our

magazine, to you our readers with models that have graced each edi-

tion and the editorial team that allows every month SEXY GLAM

MAGAZINE forced an encounter with sensuality, beauty and good


Three years have passed since the first publication was released

and since that time, we have consolidated our followers through-

out the world. People from as far away as Argentina, unite in

the pleasure of appreciating the photographic work of our star

artist, Lucy Lencinas, and sometimes our featured artists, with

those who enjoy the same pleasure from Canada vertically

and virtually unifying the continent.

Horizontally cultures as far away as the bustle of the Colombian

Cali salsa, are unified in our models with patience and calm of

those living in Japan who also follow us every month. From the

Middle East to Australia, from the Siberian cold to the warmth of

Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic, SEXY GLAM MAGAZINE

has become a reference and link that brings readers around the globe.

We are very happy with this reality of knowing that there are people

of all countries, not just the United States, who enjoy reading this

editorial and appreciate the artistic work presented.

And to finish the year, we have from South America, Claudia

Alejandra who come to bring us the Christmas gift from Ar-

gentina who posed again for Lucy’s lens, this time with the

Christmas tree.

As a hostess, we have the beautiful Fantasy an

American representative, who makes her childhood

dream comes thru as a princess in two majestic

castles located in Long Island in New York, the

Oheka Castle in Huntington and the Vanderbilt

Mansion in Centerport.

Completing graphically what we said at the beginning, we

ended up with the distant Moscow by the hands of the sophis-

ticated and sexy Katerina Kay, a Russian who has already show us

her charm in a previous production.

This is our way of saying that the beauty of all continents come to-


Enjoy this jolly season.

Happy Holidays!