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Page Background

the beginning of a new

era in world football

and the inaugural

event proved



markable success, both

in a sporting and a finan-

cial sense. Of course,

the organisers

were disap-


t h a t

o n l y

four Euro-

pean sides had

participated. The anger in Montevi-

deo was so intense in fact that four

years later, world champions Uru-

guay became the first and only team

to refuse to defend their title.

When the Congress convened in Bu-

dapest in 1930, it thanked Uruguay

for staging the world championship

for the first time in difficult condi-

tions. It also noted its regret at seeing

only a minimum number of teams

participating from Europe.

The significance of the new tourna-

ment only increased following the

setback FIFA suffered in the lead-up

to the 1932 Olympic Games in Los

Angeles. After failing to settle dif-

ferences of opinion over the amateur

status of footballers with the Interna-

tional Olympic Committee regarding

the amateur status of football players,

plans to organise the Olympic Foot-

ball Tournament were abandoned.