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JULY 2018 -




FIFA chose Italy ahead of rival can-

didates Sweden to host the second

FIFAWorld Cup and this time it took

qualifying matches to arrive at the 16

finalists. Unlike in 1930 there were

no groups and only knockout rounds,

meaning Brazil and Argentina went

home after playing just one match

each. Once again, the home team pre-

vailed, Italy winning the Final against

Czechoslovakia in extra time. For the

first time, the Final was transmitted

on the radio.

Four years later, Rimet saw his wish

fulfilled when the third FIFA World

Cup took place in France, his home

country. Again not everything ran

according to plan: Austria had disap-

peared from the scene and so Sweden

did not have an opponent in the first

round. Uruguay still did not wish to

participate and Argentina withdrew.

This is why the national teams from

Cuba and the Dutch East Indies came

to France. This time, there was no

home victory and Italy successfully

defended their title.

The FIFA World Cup should have

taken place for the fourth time in

1942 but the outbreak of World War

Two meant otherwise. Although FIFA

maintained its Zurich offices through-

out the conflict, it was not until 1 July

1946 in Luxembourg that the Con-

gress met again. Thirty-four associa-

tions were represented and they gave

Rimet, who had been President for a

quarter of a century already, a special

Jubilee gift. From now on, the FIFA

World Cup trophy would be called

the Jules Rimet Cup.

As the only candidate, Brazil was

chosen unanimously to host the next

FIFAWorld Cup, to be staged in 1949

(and postponed to 1950 for time rea-

sons). At the same time, Switzerland

was given the option for 1954.